Tips for choosing good fabrics when buying clothes for baby

Choose the type of fabric

Children are very active, needing to eat, play during the day, children’s clothes easily get stuck with difficult to wash stains. A beautiful dress that mom bought for young girls can be getting dirty which is unavoidable. It is just one of many situations that happen every day. If you know how to choose the right clothes for your baby, it will minimize the need to constantly buy new clothes.

The first principle, mothers should avoid synthetic fabrics because it has high chemical content, can cause reactions to young skin such as children will itch, pore allergy, redness ..Natural fabrics such as cotton, wool and silk are very suitable for children. Suggested popular fabrics on the market as follows Cotton fabric: Characteristic Soft and pleasing for baby’s skin, good sweat absorbency, elastic elasticity helps baby comfortable with every movements

Duffle: This is a popular fabric that is often used to make dresses and fashion clothes for babies.

Raw fabric belongs to the group of natural fiber fabrics, good sweat absorbent, easy to heat, soft. Raw fabrics include rough, rough and raw silk.

Crude fabric should be carefully selected for beautiful colors, unique and different patterns.

Textile fabrics: Tips for choosing woven fabrics are that mothers can put the cloth in front of the light then observe that the fabric is woven thin or thick. With sparse woven fabrics, fabric will be easily stretched or torn because children are often active very much during the day and inevitably make the clothes become dirty. So It is best to choose a medium thick woven fabric.

Heavy fabric: Some fabrics are thicker and heavier than others although it looks very nice and comfortable. However, when choosing for small children, mothers should choose moderate weight fabrics such as chiffon fabric, silk or satin for girls, cotton carter for boys. These fabrics will help children feel comfortable when wearing.