Choose trendy outfits for chubby girls

With a slightly rounded body, chubby girls should choose warm colors which will soften some of the overweight feeling. Material must have a moderate grip, not too thin and should not be too thick. Usually, people who are overweight are more likely to feel older than their age, so the design is extremely important, mothers should choose them the types of dress that make clear points in the belly and hips to create a beautiful shape. Avoid materials that are easy to feel rough, hard like khaki, jean …

If a chubby girl wants to create a gentle, feminine feeling, you should pay a lot attention when choosing colors.

The warm color will cover the body shape of the chubby girl is the elegant, not showy but sweet tones. If a girl likes a dress with textures, you should choose moderate, not too big, but not too small. In particular, the harmonious colors with bold tones will be very beautiful.

– Ensure that children’s clothing is not too tight and not too wide: children wearing baggy clothes will certainly be less confident and inconvenient. Clothes are too tight and uncomfortable and reveal many defects on the body. In addition to making children have a good outlook, appropriate size clothes also make children feel more comfortable and confident.

– Highlights: Choose the type of dress with cut lines to create a highlight in the abdomen

 – Color: Although dark colors make your baby look fit, you need to avoid buying girls with this color, because dark colors tend to make them look older. Girls should wear bright and cheerful clothes such as dark blue, dark gold …

These types of clothes are not suitable: colorful clothes, multi-layered skirts, skirt with ruffles, seamless skirts, two-string dresses.

When choosing pants for babies, please pay attention to the vertical shape pants, the texture on the pants, it should be minimal, choose the high belt and hiden lock.