2019 Kids fashion trends (Part 1)

Each kid need to wear warm and comfortable clothes but that’s not enough- he or she also want stylish outfit following new fashion trends. Kids tend to choose beautiful clothes which fit their sense of taste and satisfy their aesthetic development. When you dress your kids you should notice that the clothes need to be in accordance with fashion trends. Keep your child trendy with 2019 up-to-date baby fashion trends offered by fashion designers.

1. Logomania

Kids clothes in 2019 consist of large monogram, colorful pictures or famous brands slogans. Large-scale embroidery and appliqué are preferred by fashion designers. Pop art style bright drawings are trendy during this year’s spring/summer. Designers put logos of carbonated beverages, sportswear’s, cars, houses and movie characters in 2019 collections of kids clothes.

2. Floral prints

It is easy to see floral prints in kid clothes this season. Designers tend to use large-scale floristic such as plant patterns, blooming flowers or single buds. The modern trend is more sophisticated with floral 3D applications, large brooches, works of impressionists and, children’s drawings, water colors and embroidery. Floral prints even mixed with sequins and rhinestones in some famous brands like Dior.

3. Gender-neutral clothes

Do not limit your kids’ choices by dressing them up with stereotypes. There has been a trend this season for gender-neutral clothes, getting rid of the typical fashion such as pink and delicate for baby girls while blue and brainy for baby boys.

4. Sports-inspired fashion:

Kids’ apparel and accessories combining with sports-inspired styles for both boys and girls is conquer baby fashion world for example embroidery and crochet for both boys and girls. Also, boys tend to wear delicate colors and prints while girls prefer dinosaur, science motifs and automobile prints.

5. Denim style:

Denim is always stylish and fashionable for anyone, anywhere and any season. It is timeless and attract fashionistas all over the world. Today, denim is not barred to only jackets and jeans, it appears on shoes, comfortable dresses and accessories.

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