Top 6 enchanting summer fashion trends for baby girls in 2019

Summer has come and the baby needs to change the fashion style to match the weather. That will have to be the soft, safe clothes for your girls. If the mother still wonders, she can refer to the collection below.

Set of textures for babies

If the mother has a look at the trend of girls’ fashion clothes 2019, it can be seen that flower patterns are expected to cause heat in the summer of this year. Flower motifs are exactly the same as the names of the flower patterns such as roses, lilies, apricots … or pictures of fields of flowers and leaves, palm branches …

When the weather enters the summer days, nothing is more appropriate than the baby girl dresses that bring the feeling of green, cool forest flowers. It can be said that this trend has never been fad and will be even more popular this year.

Skirt combined with T-shirt

The skirt formula combined with T-shirts is no longer strange to mothers because of the high applicability and the youthful, lovely clothes that this outfit brings to the children. However, this year, this girl’s fashion outfit will not only be limited to conventional materials such as t-shirts and drums, but will also be expanded into velvet, lace, chiffon, and silk for dresses and shirts, rough fabrics for dresses and skirts.

This novel combination will make the costume become new and more destructive, bringing personality and fashion to the baby.

Eye-catching vintage sleeveless dress

If in 2018, the sleeveless dress is very popular, but this year is time for the vintage dresses. This dress will become a new trend and is expected to be loved by moms when shopping summer fashion for girls.

Certainly, after referring to the super cute girls dresses that are storming the market this summer, the mothers also have more choices of clothes for their babies.

2019 Kids fashion trends (Part 1)

Each kid need to wear warm and comfortable clothes but that’s not enough- he or she also want stylish outfit following new fashion trends. Kids tend to choose beautiful clothes which fit their sense of taste and satisfy their aesthetic development. When you dress your kids you should notice that the clothes need to be in accordance with fashion trends. Keep your child trendy with 2019 up-to-date baby fashion trends offered by fashion designers.

1. Logomania

Kids clothes in 2019 consist of large monogram, colorful pictures or famous brands slogans. Large-scale embroidery and appliqué are preferred by fashion designers. Pop art style bright drawings are trendy during this year’s spring/summer. Designers put logos of carbonated beverages, sportswear’s, cars, houses and movie characters in 2019 collections of kids clothes.

2. Floral prints

It is easy to see floral prints in kid clothes this season. Designers tend to use large-scale floristic such as plant patterns, blooming flowers or single buds. The modern trend is more sophisticated with floral 3D applications, large brooches, works of impressionists and, children’s drawings, water colors and embroidery. Floral prints even mixed with sequins and rhinestones in some famous brands like Dior.

3. Gender-neutral clothes

Do not limit your kids’ choices by dressing them up with stereotypes. There has been a trend this season for gender-neutral clothes, getting rid of the typical fashion such as pink and delicate for baby girls while blue and brainy for baby boys.

4. Sports-inspired fashion:

Kids’ apparel and accessories combining with sports-inspired styles for both boys and girls is conquer baby fashion world for example embroidery and crochet for both boys and girls. Also, boys tend to wear delicate colors and prints while girls prefer dinosaur, science motifs and automobile prints.

5. Denim style:

Denim is always stylish and fashionable for anyone, anywhere and any season. It is timeless and attract fashionistas all over the world. Today, denim is not barred to only jackets and jeans, it appears on shoes, comfortable dresses and accessories.

How to choose safety shoes for your toddler to learn to walk

Our feet have 26 bones to support the whole body in development stages. When the baby was 2 years old, the structure was clear and the bone continued to grow to be sturdy enough to age 18. Before 2 years old, baby foot bones are mainly cartilage structures. So any time during this period children with inappropriate shoes can make the foot bones develop wrong i. In particular, children under 5 years old can affect mobility and balance in movement.

Before 2 years old, baby foot bones are mainly cartilage structures.

According to research results of TS group. Caleb, University of Sydney, Australia, when children start to walk, choosing and wearing a pair of right shoes will help with walking as well as protecting joints during exercise. This also helps the child’s foot bones grow more stable than those who walk barefoot for too long. Moreover, wearing shoes when going out also avoids the risk of opportunistic parasites

The shoes must be in the right size

when children start to walk, choosing and wearing a pair of right shoes will help with walking as well as protecting joints during exercise

Parents measure the largest length and width of the foot. The size of shoes to choose from is as follows:

– Child feet length + 1 cm = length of shoes

– The largest width of the foot = the width of the shoe There are 3 ways to measure the length and width of shoes:

– Take out the shoe pad if the shoes have loose pads.

– Flip up shoes, measure the length and width.

– Pull the flat shoes on the ground and measure if the shoes are curved with two ends.

Choose trendy outfits for chubby girls

With a slightly rounded body, chubby girls should choose warm colors which will soften some of the overweight feeling. Material must have a moderate grip, not too thin and should not be too thick. Usually, people who are overweight are more likely to feel older than their age, so the design is extremely important, mothers should choose them the types of dress that make clear points in the belly and hips to create a beautiful shape. Avoid materials that are easy to feel rough, hard like khaki, jean …

If a chubby girl wants to create a gentle, feminine feeling, you should pay a lot attention when choosing colors.

The warm color will cover the body shape of the chubby girl is the elegant, not showy but sweet tones. If a girl likes a dress with textures, you should choose moderate, not too big, but not too small. In particular, the harmonious colors with bold tones will be very beautiful.

– Ensure that children’s clothing is not too tight and not too wide: children wearing baggy clothes will certainly be less confident and inconvenient. Clothes are too tight and uncomfortable and reveal many defects on the body. In addition to making children have a good outlook, appropriate size clothes also make children feel more comfortable and confident.

– Highlights: Choose the type of dress with cut lines to create a highlight in the abdomen

 – Color: Although dark colors make your baby look fit, you need to avoid buying girls with this color, because dark colors tend to make them look older. Girls should wear bright and cheerful clothes such as dark blue, dark gold …

These types of clothes are not suitable: colorful clothes, multi-layered skirts, skirt with ruffles, seamless skirts, two-string dresses.

When choosing pants for babies, please pay attention to the vertical shape pants, the texture on the pants, it should be minimal, choose the high belt and hiden lock.

Criteria to Choose & Buy Baby Clothes

Check the inner seam of the clothes. They should be smooth, not rough, and lie flat rather than sticking together. Don’t buy clothes that have tight elastic bands on the arms, legs, neck or waist; They can irritate your baby‘s skin and prevent blood circulation. Ignore what may cause itching – the metal should not be plated, the applique, the buckle is rough or uneven. If a patch is made of thermally welded plastic, check the rough edges on the back. Pull the buttons or locks to make sure they can’t easily fall off, causing choking if your baby  swallows them. But don’t pull so hard that you loosen the part that connects them to your clothes. And please check again after you wash the clothes

Clothing labels must contain information about fiber and instructions for use. All cotton may look big when new, but then they will shrink 10% after washing many times. Polyester blended cotton is less expensive than pure cotton or organic cotton, and less wrinkled or shrinking. Avoid thin, semi-transparent details or unfinished garments such as un-trimmed lace. Although your baby grows fast, but you also need enough durable clothes for months. Some guidelines on dyes and fabrics:

– Soft and breathable natural fabrics such as cotton are comfortable and if you want to fit your body, they are a good choice to synthesize and make anti-fire coat (usually made with polyester). Avoid ribbons, ropes, bows and other decorative items that can wrap around your baby to suffocate.

– Printed colors without Azo – must be free from radioactivity when exposed to your baby’s sweat and saliva.

– No formaldehyde with harmful agents

– No pliers to avoid baby skin allergies

For everyday wear, think about comfortable and easy to wear types. Soft, spacious, and durable types allow children to move freely, explore and wash often. (dirt and dust on clothes)

How to choose toys to help children develop the brain

When receiving a toy, children often go through 3 stages:

– Stage 1: Pay attention and show interest

– Stage 2: Actively participate and explore but always seek to communicate with you by gestures, eyes or words.

– Stage 3: Children will play and explore toys themselves

A toy that helps children smart when they go through stage 2, at this time many brain connections develop. Many children just noticed at stage 1 but you don’t create space to explore or play alone. Your baby will tend to move quickly through stage 3, the links needed to create analysis, evaluation and comparison do not take place.

Many parents look to buy toys with smart technology or games, programs to help children develop intelligence, read words, learn math. However, the smart level of toys is not in technology. Toys must be suitable for young age to promote this ability.

Here are 4 clever levels of toys mentioned by the British Royal Institute of Pediatrics: Level 1: “I have an attractive face”

Attracting a child is difficult, but they often follow principles such as:

– Age under 6 months: Children like simple, round, square structure objects, do not need complicated corners and details. Colors to use are yellow, red, blue, black or white.

– Age 6-12 months: Toys are nearly the same for ages under 6 months, but there are more cries when squeezing, wheels can roll or pull, combine 2-3 different materials

– Age 1-4 years: Toys start to have a body shape that reflects almost like real life objects. Baby activities often associated with these toys are: Exploring the structure (removing, beating two things together); explore space (drop / throw toys), explore emotions through role-playing games (play goods, play mother and daughter with teddy bears). .

Characteristic of fabrics

To make it easier for parents to choose fashion clothes for their babies, we would like to provide some very useful information regarding to fabrics. After reading this article, you will learn more about the fabrics used to make children’s clothes, and help you choose the right clothes for your children.

Characteristics of fibers Form:

– Cotton: As a raw fiber, it is easy to get dirty

– Nylon (nylon): Silky and bright, thus preventing fouling and easy to wash

– Polyester: Smooth surface thus does not absorb dirt and can be washed easily Moisture absorption level

– Cotton absorbs moisture easily and also dries quickly. It can suck sweat away from the body and because it is also fast drying, it does not stick to the body and gives a cool feeling. Cotton is suitable for sewing summer clothes and underwear.

– Nylon (nylon): Not easy to absorb moisture. It is also warm when worn and not sweaty. Absorb moisture the least compared to other fibers.

– Polyester: Clothing made of polyester usually does not feel comfortable due to sweat Heat conductivity

– Cotton is a good conductor that helps heat spread out of the body and keeps the body cool.

– Nylon (nylon): Poor thermal conductivity

– Polyester: Poor thermal conductivity

Durability of fabrics:

– Cotton: More durable when wet. Can be scrubbed without being damaged during washing

– Nylon (nylon): The most durable of all fibers. Withstands good rubbing, does not reduce the strength of being wet.

– Polyester: It is an extremely durable yarn, although not durable in nylon.


– Cotton: Wrinkles and folds. After washing, the wrinkles should be flat.

– Nylon (nylon): Need a little rest after washing to avoid wrinkles or folds

– Polyester: It may not need to be after washing because polyester fibers are wrinkled or have very little folds.

Tips for choosing good fabrics when buying clothes for baby

Choose the type of fabric

Children are very active, needing to eat, play during the day, children’s clothes easily get stuck with difficult to wash stains. A beautiful dress that mom bought for young girls can be getting dirty which is unavoidable. It is just one of many situations that happen every day. If you know how to choose the right clothes for your baby, it will minimize the need to constantly buy new clothes.

The first principle, mothers should avoid synthetic fabrics because it has high chemical content, can cause reactions to young skin such as children will itch, pore allergy, redness ..Natural fabrics such as cotton, wool and silk are very suitable for children. Suggested popular fabrics on the market as follows Cotton fabric: Characteristic Soft and pleasing for baby’s skin, good sweat absorbency, elastic elasticity helps baby comfortable with every movements

Duffle: This is a popular fabric that is often used to make dresses and fashion clothes for babies.

Raw fabric belongs to the group of natural fiber fabrics, good sweat absorbent, easy to heat, soft. Raw fabrics include rough, rough and raw silk.

Crude fabric should be carefully selected for beautiful colors, unique and different patterns.

Textile fabrics: Tips for choosing woven fabrics are that mothers can put the cloth in front of the light then observe that the fabric is woven thin or thick. With sparse woven fabrics, fabric will be easily stretched or torn because children are often active very much during the day and inevitably make the clothes become dirty. So It is best to choose a medium thick woven fabric.

Heavy fabric: Some fabrics are thicker and heavier than others although it looks very nice and comfortable. However, when choosing for small children, mothers should choose moderate weight fabrics such as chiffon fabric, silk or satin for girls, cotton carter for boys. These fabrics will help children feel comfortable when wearing.